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UltraLean Thermo MAX


Dietary Supplement

Formulated Exclusively for Healthcare Professionals

UltraLean Thermo MAX is intended to provide nutritive support for proper metabolism when used with a healthy diet and exercise program. Use in conjunction with the UltraLean Thermo MAX Nutrition & Activity Plan provided below.

UltraLean Thermo MAX Nutrition & Activity Plan:
- Focus on achieving a balanced approach to carbohydrate, lean protein, and healthy fat intake. Switching from higher carbohydrate intake to higher lean protein and healthy fat intake may help maintain proper metabolism.
- Eat ample fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. This will help supply nutrients that support fat metabolism, promote satiety, and decrease cravings.
- Identify what physical activities you enjoy most and incorporate them in your routine. A mix of aerobic activity and strength training can improve body composition and enhance metabolism. Aim for five or more sessions a week.
- Address obstacles to a healthy metabolism such as stressors, sleep disruption, and endocrine conditions. The most successful weight management plan is a comprehensive one that addresses the whole individual.