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Lose 10 to 20 Pounds Enhanced hCG Weight Loss Program


Our 12 Week Program helps you Lose 10-20 Pounds of Fat in Just 23 Days and by working with our staff each week you will KEEP IT  Off permanently 

Our Homeopathic Weight Management Program is a supervised weight loss program that incudes during this program supervision either at Hidden Youth Wellness Center or with our  Distance Program where you will work with a nutritionist and/or coach for online support with weekly accountability check ins. 

Zyto scan will be performed to determine if there are other factors preventing you from reaching your optium fitness goal, also includes 3 one hour sessions with our trained counselors to discuss causes and triggers of over consumption of food.

This package contains your choice of Chocolate or Vanilla Specially Designed for Weight Loss Protein Drink, 2 Bottles of hA2CG, 1 Bottle of Appetite Control, 1 Thermogenic to help increase metabolism during this program, 1 bottle of Professional Weight Support to help make the transition from the program to normal eating much easier, this supplement has all the same ingredients in the hA2CG product without the actual hCG that pull the fat out so that you can incorporate fat back into the diet so is much easier to stay on this plan.

Includes the Weight Management Booklet to help you better understand the program.