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3 Male Products

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Three Male Products To Improve Health
    One in three males has some form of cardiovascular disease and unfortunately many of these cases result in death which makes heart disease the #1 killer in America, this makes it so important to keep your heart strong and healthy at all ages. One cardio-essential mineral that most men aren't getting enough of is magnesium. 

Every organ in the body needs magnesium and did you know the highest levels are found in the heart.  Researchers have shown a possible link between a lower risk of heart disease in men who have increased magnesium intake.

Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and it protects the cardiovascular system from cell damage that could ultimately lead to angina and a heart attack.

     Another area of concern for many men is an enlarged prostate, did you know that over 50% of men over 50 and 90% of men over 80 have an enlarge prostate.  Over 250,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year which makes prostate health a top concern.  Saw Palmetto is tonic for the sexual glands of both men and women, when used regularly it directly influences the entire male reproductive apparatus especially in the prostate gland.  This herb is specific for treating beningn prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) it helps to reduce prostate swelling and helps with symptoms such as incomplete bladder evacuation.

     Lastly, you've heard the saying the brain is the last thing to go, but it doesn't have to.  Many men feel that they are suffering from age related memory loss, but in fact stress and inflammation can greatly impact the ability to focus and stay sharp as men age.  Ashwagandha  has been documented in Ayurvedic and Greek medicine to combat stress.  Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogenic herb that can help reduce anxious feelings and regulate mood by reducing the stress hormone cortisol.  New research as shown that ashwagandha root extract can enhance the ability to concentrate by 76% while reducing forgetfulness by 57%, even more studies have suggested that this herb when used long term can help guard against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.